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Biblefresh is an exciting new church-wide initiative, inviting UK Christians to take a fresh look at the Bible, and get deeper into the story it tells. SGM Lifewords is one of more than forty agencies taking part in the campaign, providing creative ways for churches to read the Bible together, to train in Bible teaching and learning, to support Bible translation, and to help local communities experience the Bible for themselves. This week, join us in prayer for this initiative.

  • The Biblefresh campaign is aiming to get the whole of the UK church engaged with the whole of the Bible for the whole year in 2011. If we’re not familiar with the Story of which we are a part, how can we hope to live it out in our culture and context? Pray for all the preparation and planning which is going on this year to make 2011 a year of Bible engagement. Pray that the UK church will find a fresh enthusiasm for the Bible and the story it tells through the projects, programmes and ideas made available through the campaign.
  • SGM Lifewords’ contribution to Biblefresh is a new project called Twelve. It’s an invitation to delve deeper into the story of the Bible, to explore the themes and grapple with the questions it raises. We’ll be making downloadable resources, art and media available to help people engage with the story with heart, mind and imagination – and we’ll be inviting as many people as possible to join us on a journey through the story in 2011. Please pray for inspiration and creativity for all those working on this project.
  • SGM Lifewords will be exhibiting with Biblefresh at the Christian Resources Exhibition in Esher from the 11th to 14th May. And in the spirit of the initiative, we’re doing something a bit different this year. We’ll be using our whole stand as a canvas, and handing it over to artist Abi Spendlove, who will be drawing a dynamic and colourful response to the story of the Bible, incorporating ideas and conversations with visitors to the stand. Pray for the team as they make the final preparations for CRE. Pray that this will spark the imaginations of visitors to CRE, and inspire them to think creatively about Bible engagement.
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