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12 words - NomadThis year we’ll begin posting images, reflections, short films, audio clips – all kinds of creative expressions of our 12 words that together outline the Bible story. Join us as we get our imagination working around these 12 words – email your own creative responses to 12 words and we’ll feature the best on this blog.

You’ll see we’ve taken pics of words in some interesting locations for this blog – but you don’t have to do that! Just interpret the word/s you choose however you wish. We’ll be doing more of that ourselves as the project gets going in the new year.

You can send us images and short films (from your phone or camera), poems, reflections, audio clips, art and illustration, songs, graphics – anything you come up with as you think about one, some or all the 12 words. It doesn’t have to be complicated – an image that you take that is inspired by a word, with a short explanation would be fine – but equally it can be Sistine chapel of an effort! It’s up to you.

Then, when you get your own 12 words, you could do the same in your church or group!

12 words - Salt12 words - Earthed

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2 Responses to Earthed Nomad Salt

  1. barbara cheeseman says:

    I have some pictures (paintings) I’d like to share. I could send photos, attach them to an email, but don’t know how to in this format here.

  2. SGM Lifewords says:

    Hi Barbara, thanks for getting in touch. We’d love to feature your artwork, and I’ve sent you an email about how to send something in.

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