SGM Lifewords presents TWELVE

How would you tell the Bible in just TWELVE words? That’s the starting point for a group activity that just might ignite the way you experience the Bible in your life, your church and your community.

Whether we know the Bible, think we know it, or are coming to it afresh, TWELVE is a way to engage our hearts and imaginations with the whole story of the Bible – and be inspired about our own part in it.

But beware: TWELVE might cause us to break out of our familiar approaches to Bible reading by focusing on group reading, and inviting creative responses – rather than relying on personal study alone. TWELVE is a very different kind of Bible engagement!

At SGM Lifewords we’ve come up with our own 12 words that together try to outline the whole Bible narrative. We’ll help you get to your own set of words, and the place to begin is with our new resource, You Are Here – a group Bible experience to explore the whole story together.

You Are Here picks a path through the story of the Bible, inviting you to explore together, to read, to draw, question, and map your own way. Eight weeks to get into the story, and find your place in it. Each session involves reading Scripture aloud, and immersing yourself in the story. The whole experience begins by inviting you to come up with your own 12 words; eight weeks later it ends by inviting you to revisit those words and explore whether the words look very different through your communal and personal interaction with the Scriptures.

We’re also encouraging people to respond creatively to the 12 words by blogging through art, photography, short films, poetry – it’s up to you!

“The Bible is a book for the heart as well as the head – just look at the Psalms. Creativity is a way into and around the ‘big picture’ of the Bible. A creative approach can lead to those breakthroughs of vision when things begin to make sense in a new way – and TWELVE is all about those moments.”

TWELVE can be used in churches and small groups, and can inspire launch points to help to engage your local community with the Bible.

For more information, and to order your You Are Here workbooks (in packs of 5) and download the group sessions visit the downloads section.

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  1. Larry Chambers says:

    Time comes
    Time goes
    Truth and
    Stand still

    Larry Chambers

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