12 Bible trail at Bristol Cathedral

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  1. fr donald thomas says:

    blessings to you all at lifewords.
    i have been reading your pages tonight and found many of them very interesting to read and look at.
    i am a father for disabled people in australia for 20 years and often look up many sights for them to read and also if we can find any free reading material or cds for them as they are on a low income and is good to see how many at times do help them out by mail. i was 34 when i worked with disabled now i’m 62 and still going strong with them.they need a lot of help in life. god bless you all. father donald thomas.date.24.11,12, time.8.52pm australia

  2. SGM Lifewords says:

    Thanks for your comment Father Donald. We would be happy to send you what we can. Please visit our new Australia site at http://australia.sgmlifewords.com/ to see what is available. God bless!

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