12 Christmas cards

Every year SGM Lifewords creates a new range of Christmas resources, and this year we’ve drawn inspiration from the TWELVE project. We chose two of the 12 words that most reflect the idea of Christmas, and commissioned Christmas card images for each one.

The result is ‘Light’, and ‘Promises’, and two engaging and colourful images from artist Chinatsu Sunaga. (We nearly used ‘earthed’ as well, which suggests the incarnation and God breaking through into reality.)

There’s a little twist to our Christmas cards. First, each one has a snippet of the Christmas story from the gospels, to whet the appetite of those who receive them to read the story for themselves. Second, there is an invitation on the back of the card to order a free limited edition calendar, 12 Words for 2012 – more on the 12 Words calendar soon!

The cards are in stock now. As usual, they are available free of charge, and you can order them here. To browse the rest of our Christmas materials, visit our dedicated Christmas site here.

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