12 Words calendars now available

The 12 Words project always did lend itself to a calendar, and all the more so in 2012… So we’re pleased to announce that the 12 Words calendar is now available to order.

Each month has a verse and a thought-provoking photo illustrating one of the 12 words. It’s a creative way to reflect on the story that the Bible tells, and to start conversations about what it means to us.

If you’d like a calendar, call us on 020 7730 2155, email uk@sgmlifewords.com, or fill in the form here and we’ll get one in the post.

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One Response to 12 Words calendars now available

  1. The Reverend Rachael Knapp says:

    We used the Bible in 12 words as our worship theme in our secondary school last term. We called it “The Big Story”, the Bible in 12 words. We explored it in all our assemblies and tutor group worship times. The students really enjoyed coming up with their own words and images to tell the whole story. It helped us to locate our own story as a a church school and community with God’s big story.
    Thank you for such an inspiring idea.

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