TWELVE: igniting the way we experience the Bible in our lives, our churches and our community.

A new way to engage creatively with Scripture through art and imagination, TWELVE invites a creative response to our own 12 words, and encourages people to get creative with their own!

It’s also a group Bible experience: our You Are Here resource uses communal reading and imaginative interaction with Scripture to explore the whole story together

TWELVE can be used in churches and small groups to help engage your local community with the Bible.

The words of the Bible are life words, words of life, words for life, words for every human being on the planet. But what is it about this collection of millions of words that makes it so unique, so compelling and so special? What’s the story it tells? How can we engage the Bible with our culture? N.T. Wright says “Christian imagination rekindled by Scripture is vital to refresh our engagement with our contemporary culture”. At SGM Lifewords, we agree – a Bible-formed imagination can lead us forward, re-envision the church and inspire us into kingdom-building action. Imagination can, in the words of Walter Brueggemann, help us “think beyond our taken-for-granted world to a world that is promised of God.”

It is hard to face up to the reality that despite years of Bible-reading initiatives, distribution efforts, billboard campaigns and ever-more-specific editions of the Bible, people just do not know, care about or live out of the Bible. And that’s not only outside the church – it’s inside.

Perhaps the problem is not so much one of knowing the Bible in our minds, but engaging our whole being with the Bible, and the story that it tells. The Bible is not information, or facts to be learnt – it is the active, living Word, a compelling story about God and the whole of creation. It points to an encounter with God that has the power to change everything we think we know; but in order to find our place in it, it has to be understood with the heart as well as the mind.

As Eugene Peterson says, “in the life of the Gospel, where everything originates and depends upon what we cannot see and is worked out in what we can see, imagination and explanation cannot get along without each other.” Could imagination be a key to reconnecting with the Bible? How do we tell its story in a way that captures the imagination?

TWELVE explores creative ways of reading the Bible together, immersing ourselves in the text and encountering the story through our imagination.

It’s all part of SGM Lifewords’ work helping people find creative connections with the Bible, discovering the words of love and of hope – the life words – that it contains.

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