To make the most of You Are Here, you will need to order the You Are Here workbooks, and download the eight sessions.

To order the workbooks, click here. A new window will open, taking you to our online order system. Here you will be able to order as many as you need. The resources are free, but you will be asked to cover the cost of the order with a donation if possible.

The downloadable sessions are all available below. Right click on the links to save the files to your computer.

Life Stories - icon 1Life Stories – Explore the role of stories in our lives, and try the 12 Words exercise to see how familiar you are with the story of the Bible.

Life Stories – session 1 (pdf)

The Beginning of Everything - icon 2The Beginning of Everything

The Beginning of Everything – session 2 (pdf)

Wanderers - icon 3Wanderers

Wanderers – session 3 (pdf)

Promised Land - icon 4Promised Land

Promised Land – session 4 (pdf)

Enter the King - icon 5Enter the King

Enter the King – session 5 (pdf)

The Kingdom of Heaven - icon 6The Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven – session 6 (pdf)

The Unfinished Story - icon 7The Unfinished Story

The Unfinished Story – session 7 (pdf)

Living the Story - icon 8Living the Story

Living the Story – session 8 (pdf)

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