The 12 Words

TWELVE is a bite-sized framework for understanding the Bible as narrative – 12 single words that provide the keystones for the story.

Light   Trees   Nomad   Tribes   Scatterlings   Promises

Earthed   Sacrifice   Unbreakable   Wildfire   Salt   Home

Reducing the Bible to 12 words is bold and provocative – there is “no combination of words that could fit on the back of a postcard” that could ever possibly do the job justice! But the idea of TWELVE forces us to think about the whole story of the Bible, what matters to us in it, and how we own the story for ourselves. No set of 12 words is right, or wrong; but any set of 12 words we come up with will reflect what the story the Bible tells means to us, and will perhaps help us to get a grasp on how we indwell and live out the story in our own daily context.

Our hope is that TWELVE will provide a way for us all to engage our hearts and imaginations with the Bible as a grand story – and be inspired about our own part in it. Perhaps it will cause us to break out of some of our familiar approaches to Bible reading by trying group reading, and new kinds of creative response.

How would you tell the Bible in 12 words? Join us on the blog as we explore our 12 words this year, and let us know what your 12 words are.

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